Women Wanting “Big Butts” on the Rise


A trend has been rising last few years with women…..Big Butts. Think it’s a joke, take a look at some of the money spent in pursuit of this fashion according to the Hollywood Reporter:

According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, desire for bigger behinds in the past five years has led to the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure, the “Brazilian butt lift,” in which fat is liposuctioned from other regions in the body to pad and “pop” the butt. “The biggest jump percentage is in butt enlargements,” says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Lawrence Koplin.

For a price: The cost begins at $9,500, the procedure takes three to six hours with a minimum of 10 injections per cheek, and most Brazilian butt-lift patients must sleep on their stomachs and cannot sit down for two weeks.

There are even devices that can be bought for the appearance of a big butt:

Lisa Reisler, who with partner Susan Bloomstone invented Booty Pop padded panties in 2010, says: “We are now selling a pad that’s 40 percent larger than when we launched, and there are tons of requests. It used to be if your husband said your booty looked big in jeans, it was an insult. Now, it’s a compliment.

You can read the rest of the article here.


How Americans Will Spend Their Tax Refund

tax refund

American Morning News interviewed Kay Bell from BankRate.com explaining a survey they with 1,003 adults and how they will spend their tax refund. USA Today posted the survey and here is how it broke down:

34% say they’ll use it to pay down debt

33% say they’ll save or invest the money

26% say they spend the extra cash on necessities such as food and utility bills

3% want to use it to live it up and go on vacation or a shopping spree

Here is another snapshot of Americans thinking on income taxes/tax refunds that would make Dave Ramsey shake his head at:

Some people view having extra money withheld from their paychecks for income tax as a way to save, says Bankrate.com tax analyst Kay Bell. But she advises against it because “the bank of Uncle Sam” pays no interest.

The rest of the article is here and has some more good stats obtained by the survey.