Good News, Venezuela’s Economy Going Into the Crapper


One good thing in promoting a “fair economy” one can look at what they’ll get by looking at Venezuela. Everyone suffers together in the name of collectivism:

“Venezuela is projected to experience a deep recession in 2015 and 2016,” the IMF said Tuesday in its World Economic Outlook. The country’s real gross domestic product probably will contract 10 percent this year and 6 percent in 2016, it said.

Inflation in Venezuela, already the fastest in the world, will average 159 percent in 2015 and increase to 204 percent next year, the IMF said.


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Price of an iPhone 6 in Venezuela


In America, famous people like Michael Moore and Sean Penn will tell you how much the U.S. needs to adopt Venezuela’s political/economic system.

Unfortunately for them there is this thing called the media and they keep track of Venezuela’s dire situation. Continue reading →

How Much Will Bruce Jenner Pay for His Sex Change Surgery?

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Bruce Jenner is in the news for wanting to go from a man to woman. From an economic perspective, if he is to get the full surgery to become a woman, how much would it cost?

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Women Wanting “Big Butts” on the Rise


A trend has been rising last few years with women…..Big Butts. Think it’s a joke, take a look at some of the money spent in pursuit of this fashion according to the Hollywood Reporter:

According to the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, desire for bigger behinds in the past five years has led to the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure, the “Brazilian butt lift,” in which fat is liposuctioned from other regions in the body to pad and “pop” the butt. “The biggest jump percentage is in butt enlargements,” says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Lawrence Koplin.

For a price: The cost begins at $9,500, the procedure takes three to six hours with a minimum of 10 injections per cheek, and most Brazilian butt-lift patients must sleep on their stomachs and cannot sit down for two weeks.

There are even devices that can be bought for the appearance of a big butt:

Lisa Reisler, who with partner Susan Bloomstone invented Booty Pop padded panties in 2010, says: “We are now selling a pad that’s 40 percent larger than when we launched, and there are tons of requests. It used to be if your husband said your booty looked big in jeans, it was an insult. Now, it’s a compliment.

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