Example of How Taxes Hurts Employment

Taxes are a job killer and a prime example is Philadelphia’s soda tax implemented earlier this year. Continue reading →

Who Pays Federal Incomes Taxes?

Our federal income tax code is progressive and has different tax rates based upon income brackets. More you make, the more taxes you pay. Continue reading →

Small Business Owners Now View Regulation Worse Than Taxes

If President Donald Trump wants any of his Presidential legacy of to live on in a positive way, he better trash bureaucratic regulations that suffocate small business owners. Continue reading →

2016 NFL Injured Reserve already approaching $200 Million in payroll

One of the most frustrating things for an NFL fan is seeing their team decimated by player injuries. All the right players maybe on the team, but in a sport that is physical, injuries can derail any chances of having a winning season. Continue reading →

Federal government workers absent from work 41% more than private sector workers

Bureau of Labor has calculated days of worked missed due to absence of workers for various reasons. Continue reading →