James Comey Is The Perfect Example Of Disconnect Between Washington D.C. & America

Former FBI director James Comey just released a book attacking President Trump.

While the mainstream media and “think tanks” praise it as great, what is the reality among Americans? New polling is showing not very good, which leads to yet another example of serious questions needing to be addressed of the disconnect.

H/T DailyWire.com:

On Monday, a newly-released poll from Rasmussen Reports revealed that more Americans think that former FBI Director James Comey should be criminally prosecuted than they did last year.

Almost three times as many likely U.S. voters (38%) said that Comey did a worse job as FBI Director than his predecessors.

After his interview on Sunday and launch of his new book, more Americans now want to see him criminally prosecuted (46%) than wanted to see him criminally prosecuted last year (41%).

At the same time, the number of people who think he should not be criminally prosecuted sits at 34%, which is a 13-point drop from last year when 47% said he should not face prosecution.


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