Example of How Taxes Hurts Employment

Taxes are a job killer and a prime example is Philadelphia’s soda tax implemented earlier this year.Soda in Philadelphia was taxed at an enormous rate. Consumers responded by not buying soda in Philadelphia. Now projected tax revenue is not coming in and more importantly, people are losing their jobs.

“The city’s deep 14 percent cut in its own projections highlights once again that this tax is not the sustainable source of revenue which the mayor says Philadelphia needs,” Campisi said. “The mayor based this tax on unrealistic projections and peddled a fantasy that no one would be hurt.”

Many of the coalition’s members said they laid off workers because of the soda tax. Coca Cola cut about 40 employees at its local plant, Pepsi expected at the start of the year to lay off 100, and the Teamsters 830 said 155 workers were affected.



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