Terre Haute city council asks business leaders for help

Terre Haute city council is appearantly out of ideas in how to run their own government and is asking business leaders to step in to help solve their own problems. Here’s more from The Tribune Star:

Terre Haute and Vigo County government officials and civic leaders today are announcing the formation of a steering committee that will study local government efficiency.

According to a news release, city and county government leaders “have enthusiastically embraced” the idea to engage in a wide-ranging review of current city and county operations.

“The objective is to ensure that citizens are getting the highest level of services at the most competitive price,” according to a news release. The initiative is still being finalized.

In addition to the steering committee, there will be multiple study teams that will help conduct in-depth reviews of city and county operations and identify best practices and opportunities for innovation.

The teams will forward their recommendations to the steering committee for its review at public meetings. Recommendations that are approved will be forwarded to the appropriate unit of local government for consideration.

Most likely this is government speak for “We are trying to solve the problem but won’t”. Committees are the fail safe of government employees in “solving problems”. It mostly will commence with the business leaders sitting in a major meeting with the city council. Meanwhile photographers will take pictures of the city council putting their index finger on their chins invoking a deep thought pose.

Twice I’ve blogged on Terre Haute’s financial problems. You find them here and here.



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