Breakdown of NFL Arrests



Recently, a database was produced by U~T San Diego that chronicled arrests of NFL football players dating all the way back to the year 2000. Total number of arrests are 665 over the span of 14 years. This number accounts for one arrest so far in the month of July of this year and ends there. It is a nice comprehensive listing that NFL fans should check out.

Below I am going to list a breakdown of the arrests into some categories with numbers and did this purely for stat purposes. Anymore sports are broken down with stats, so I figured why not just add more to pass time before training camp started. This work was done solely by me and I do not know if other work is out there which is similar. So no offense to any stat guy that may find this the same as their work. 

I went through the entire database and counted the number of arrests each year and how many happened in what month.  I then took all arrests for one month and added them together over that fourteen year period. So for example, the month of May, I went through each year and counted up the arrests and added them all together for the span of 14 years and found a total of 76 arrests happened over that time period. That equated to an average of 5.42 NFL football players arrested during the month of May over that fourteen year period. Now, if you were to ask if the 5.42 average was constant, I would say “Maybe”. I looked at the months of May where 4-6 players were arrested during those fourteen years and it hit six times. In there was some arrests that totaled 1, 3, 7 or 10. As you can see, that 5.42 average can wildly fluctuate. 

Without further boredom, here are some key stats that I found so I hope you enjoy.

Highest Months of Arrest Totals: May(76) June(75) February(73)

Lowest Months of Arrest Totals:   August(38) September(39) November/December(45 each month)

February 2008 & July 2012 had the highest amounts of arrests which was 12 total each month.

Time Period of 2006-2008 had a grand total of 196 arrests. This accounted for 29.4% of ALL arrests in the database and the highest.

Time Period of 2000-2002 had a grand total of 114 arrests. This accounted for 17% of ALL arrests in the database and was the lowest.

2006 was the highest year for arrests with a total of 68.

2000 was the lowest year for arrests with a total of 35.

Very reluctant to post this next item, but looking at the averages of months from previous years, 2013 is on track for 57-60 arrests. Like I said, doing averages can vary greatly with this sort of database.

TOTAL Arrest Numbers for the Years: 2013(40) 2012(47) 2011(47) 2010(54) 2009(48) 2008(66) 2007(62) 2006(68) 2005(46) 2004(37) 2003(40) 2002(37) 2001(42) 2000(35)

TOTAL Arrest Numbers by Month For All 14 Years: Jan(46) Feb(73) March(63) April(55) May(76) June(62) July(62) Aug(38) Sept(39) Oct(48) Nov(45) Dec(45)