Police Seek Drunk Volunteers To Help Train New Police Officers

If you like to drink and support law enforcement, this career opportunity maybe for you.

Like to get your drink on early in the morning? Enjoy free pizza? Don’t mind doing a few one-leg stands? The Vancouver Police Department is looking for you.

The police force has put out the word that they are looking for volunteers to get drunk on the police dime, in order to train new recruits on how to conduct sobriety tests.The volunteers will need to drink a few shots of hard liquor (“no beer or wine,” the email stresses), and then complete three sobriety tests:

  • a simple eye examination
  • a walk-and-turn test
  • a one-leg stand test

After a few hours of testing and a free pizza lunch, volunteers would then be driven home around 4 p.m.All volunteer drinkers would have to sign a waiver promising not to drive for the rest of the day. And they would also have to agree to conduct themselves “in a respectful manner” in the police building.

Courtesy CTV News


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