Charlottesville Fall Out: Time For Law Enforcement To Disregard Politicians And Stop Riots

Information keeps leaking out that the Mayor of Charlottesville ordered police to stand down and let protesters from various groups clash. Continue reading →

After Baltimore Riots….Lots of Narcotics


The Daily Caller has written up a sobering column

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Cost of Police Riot Gear


American law enforcement face a daunting task of regaining control of neighborhoods in cities once a riot breaks out. Police for decades have been educated and trained for these types of situations. Technology has developed to help the officers but it comes with a cost.

Friend of mine who is in law enforcement and has years of experience training for these scenarios gave out some information in the cost of some of the riot gear police use. Here is the breakdown of a few of the devices used by law enforcement:

One Hand Deployed Distraction Device, AKA “Flash Bang” – $50.00

One Flameless Chemical Tri Chamber, AKA “CS/CN Canister” – $50.00

One 12 Gauge Drag Stabilized Bean Bag Lethal Impact Round – $8.00