Charlottesville Fall Out: Time For Law Enforcement To Disregard Politicians And Stop Riots

Information keeps leaking out that the Mayor of Charlottesville ordered police to stand down and let protesters from various groups clash. The end result was many injured and one dead. This isn’t the first time in the new era of deadly riots happening in America police where told stand down. In 2014, Democrat Governor Jay Nixon ordered the National Guard to stand down at Ferguson. Baltimore saw the same thing in 2015 when Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake ordered police to stand down during those riots. ┬áThis is major violation of enforcing law and keeping the community safe. Cities and local municipalities are now being ran by people who have no moral compass and are mentally aloof in order to feed their own demonic social engineering.

State lawmakers and maybe even Congress needs to intervene in giving power to law enforcement to disregard these commands and keep physical destruction and loss of life from happening during these situations. Law enforcement and National Guard units are properly trained in deescalation situations compared to any political desk jockey. Politicians letting these events escalate only puts others in harm including law enforcement.

Law enforcement and military have a time honored tradition of respecting chain of command. It is built on the premise of integrity and honor. If that integrity and honor is non existent with their commanders that puts others in harms way, it is time for them to step in and rectify the situation.

Stay safe out there LEO’s


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