Mexican Gangs Still Dominates American Landscape 

Media has been hyping a theory lately that white supremacists and the KKK are making a comeback. That is the furthest from the truth on the gang landscape.

The FBI has released 2016 information and here’s what they found. (Via

Gang Member Race Breakdown Percent
Black gang members 31 %
Hispanic gang members 47 %
White gang members 13 %
Asian gang members 7 %
Other 2 %
Largest Identified National Gangs Percent Identified With
Bloods 25 %
Crips 19 %
Sureños 9 %
Latin Kings 6.5 %
United Blood Nation 6 %
Gangster Disciples 3.2 %
Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs 2.6 %
Others 28.7 %

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