Detroit: Land of the Wheelchair Ramps


The Associated Press has come out with a story over Detroit going on a wheelchair ramp installation binge:

Along one half-mile stretch of crumbling sidewalks in Detroit, there are 52 new sets of wheelchair ramps. Some provide access to an empty lot where a middle school was razed in 2009. On many corners, sidewalks end after the ramps.

The ramps are being built as part of a decade-long effort to force Detroit into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. But the efforts are facing criticism as the bankrupt city installs ramps in areas with little traffic while well-traveled areas, including some near downtown, still don’t have them.

This is a perfect example of the insanity that has gripped the nation in the past  decades from the “Regulation Industrial Complex”. I fully grasp the legality of the lawsuits but Detroit is a physical and financial mess. This is the furthest of things to do in order for the city to get going again. Of course this type of action comes with a price tag:

The city has spent $30 million over eight years to install 25,000 ramps, and officials estimate that $60 million more must be spent to build another 50,000

Here in a few years Detroit will be the world’s most compliant wheelchair ramp city. Hopefully the users who go there to enjoy them take their firearms when they end up the run down drug infested neighborhoods.