How Many Illegal Immigrants Die Crossing The U.S. Border Each Year?

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Ann Coulter Tweets about sexual assaults in South America

I’ve been at a crossroads lately in seeing negativity against the U.S. over trivial crap while horrible acts are played out against the innocent
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Illegal Immigrants Trashing Border


An unspoken sin not addressed by pro immigrant advocates is the yearly waste and destruction illegals leave behind in the form of trash and human waste. The taxpayers in Southern states and on federal level get the bill for the cleanup according to Judicial Watch:

Each year illegal immigrants leave behind an estimated 2,000 tons of trash—including soiled diapers, plastic bottles and abandoned vehicles—in public Arizona lands along the border.
Getting cleanup crews and equipment to these increasingly remote portions of the desert is, not only tough, but also hazardous. Camp sites set up by illegal immigrants and drug smugglers are the most difficult to clean up.

How much does it cost to clean up?

This so-called “landfill fee” ranges from $37 to $49 per ton in southern Arizona and that doesn’t even include costs for materials, equipment, labor and transportation.

2007 financial report for the state of Arizona titled “The Southern Arizona Project To Mitigate Damages Resulting from Illegal Immigration”. In the report, clean up costs over a span of 5 years totaled $4.4 Million. Damage caused by illegals each year is just not trash but also infrastructure and national monuments in parks located on these corridors they travel on.


Cost of Caring for Illegal Immigrant Children


One of the ealry known costs in caring for illegal immigrant children placed in adoptive homes is $192 Million. The Washington Times is reporting the placement agency who won the contract bid is in charge of 66,000 illegal children.

The 150-page request for transportation proposals, posted online at government contractor website, was issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to MVM Inc., a large security contractor founded by a former Secret Service agent and based in Ashburn, Virginia.

MVM Vice President Christopher McHale confirmed in an email that his company did win the contract, which the website says is worth $192 million, but he declined to talk about any of the details.

Here are the requirements in the contract when harboring the children:

Want to bid for a contract to care for the illegal immigrant children coming across the border? Make sure your staff members get Hepatitis vaccines and regular TB tests and can speak foreign languages — probably Spanish but maybe Mandarin, suggesting a surprising number of the children are coming from China.

The federal government guarantees the children three meals a day, and they must take account of health, religious observance or vegetarian diets. The children also have a right to second helpings, according to contract documents issued last month seeking a transportation company to ferry the children within Texas.

This does not account for the costs local taxpayers of school districts have occurred since the federal mandated taking in the illegals since their arrival.

Illegal Immigrants Hitting Indianapolis Area

Spoke with an law enforcement officer I know today. Police officers are a great resource in detecting various societal trends because they engage with citizens in various situations.
I asked the officer if he had seen any sort of up tick in illegal immigrant activity since the border surge happening late last year. His response, “Big time”. He went onto state that his department were making contact mostly through traffic stops. The illegals have no driver licenses, identification, insurance and speak no english. He also stated that about the only thing they can do is tow their vehicles and send them on their way.

Illegal Immigrant Children: How Many Will End Up Staying In the U.S.?

The border crisis of minors is not a political issue that will soon go away. Many questions remain open ended about the processing of illegal immigrants from other countries that don’t fall under the title “empathy”. One question that is answered but no one in government leadership positions will truthfully state in the media is how long these children from other countries will be staying.

According to Congressional testimony given this week by Tom Homan, the Executive Associate Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations with ICE, 87% of these individuals are still in the U.S. This answer was in response to how many unaccompanied minors who were apprehended illegally entering the U.S. over the past five years are still in the U.S.