Pulse Nightclub Trial Is About To Begin And Media Will Barely Cover It Because Of Political Correctness

Unfortunate part about American current events being covered by media is it hinges on political diversity hierarchy.

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Why American Christians Should Embrace Syria Celebrating Christmas

A beautiful moment has unfolded in Syria that won’t get much media play here in America but should be celebrated by Americans and Christians. Continue reading →

U.S. taxpayers paying for Jordan’s border wall

While American politicians fight efforts to establish any border security between the U.S./Mexico, President Obama
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Mark Steyn in 2006: Brussels breeding ground for Islamic terrorists

The Brussels terrorist attacks opens up a lot of questions to people who do not study Islamic terrorism on a regular basis. Continue reading →

ISIS & Atheists: Same Game…Different Countries


This morning while drinking some coffee I stumbled upon the story of the Ten Commandments being removed from an Oklahoma City government property. Instantly when I read the story

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Cost of One Tomahawk Cruise Missile


In the past few weeks the United States military launched action against ISIS in the middle east. Part of the strategy in killing the Jihadist group was launching Tomahawk cruise missiles on them. The fully burdened cost of a new Tomahawk cruise missile is roughly $1.6 million.