ISIS & Atheists: Same Game…Different Countries


This morning while drinking some coffee I stumbled upon the story of the Ten Commandments being removed from an Oklahoma City government property. Instantly when I read the story

it dawned on me how shallow your life must be that this would fulfill it. Then I had a disturbing flash….at least ISIS is more honest than most American anti-religious organizations in destroying Christian monuments.

I study the Middle East and terrorism. ISIS the past 6-8 months has been going on a seek-n-destroy of Christian artifacts and destroying them in the name of the Prophet Muhammad. Some relics are well over 2,000 years old.

Here in America people kid themselves that by following mundane court rulings saying to get rid of a piece of marble that spells out the Ten Commandments from government property that our senses and virtues will be restored. I mean, other laws like immigration and hard core drug laws not being followed is cool and makes you a rebel in not following. But the Ten Commandments, the whole court system must be shutdown by groups like atheists and bigotted hippie lawyers so we can have this awakening of the rule of law.

We as a Christian society are weak. Christians in the Middle East are dying by the thousands for one last stand. Christians over here get steamrolled in basic arguments by disciples of the pedophile Richard Dawkins. The Christian church has been overrun by the metro sexual male movement. The biblical slogan “turn the other the cheek” is now “run and hide at any sign of conflict”.

What if…..a big what if….about 20 people surrounded that piece of cultural acknowledgement of moralism to take a stand and said “No More”……

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