Attention Readers: Taking Some Time Off

After this weekend, I’ll be taking the summer off from daily blogging.

For a few months now I’ve been pondering some things about the blog site and blogging itself.

One, my energy in research is zero. I’ve blogged 1,261 posts to be exact. My mind is a little tired.

Two, blogging right now is in a serious shit hole as emotional hemophiliacs get more press time than detailed factual write ups. I could put out wild conspiracy theories on Russian collusion or some Senator’s daily dying words and get huge hits. Well, that’s not me. I actually have a brain and so do my readers. Some of the best bloggers that inspired me have been eerily silent or just sporadic in posting. That’s a sign to me.

Three, I need to read. The further along I blog and do videos, the less I read. I have three books waiting for me I know will help do some blogs that you’ll enjoy.

Now, I’m not totally going to disappear. I may hop in with some editorial write ups. I’m swinging an idea of letting a friend of mine post some stuff or even others because they’re are really smart have real world experience.

I’ll be around. Have a great summer and I’ll check in from time to time.

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