Open Borders: Sexual Assault Has Risen So Fast In Germany, Women Now Wear Anti-Rape Shorts

Many in mainstream media will not talk about the negative affects of civilized countries practicing open border policy. Continue reading →

Culture Shift: Trump Administration Admitting Christian Refugees Over Other Cultures

President Trump campaigned on helping Christian refugees as they were being slaughtered in the Middle East. Results are showing he’s doing just that. Continue reading →

Poll: countries around the world not supportive of immigration 

While the U.S. citizen gets shunned in the media on nationalistic stances in regards to immigration, the broader context is the world itself is not positive on it either. Continue reading →

President Obama’s Latest Climate Change Prediction Defies Reality

Climate change conferences should now be known as the “Doom & Gloom” Circus.
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Cost American Taxpayers Pay for Middle Eastern Refugees

Center for Immigration Studies just released an extensive breakdown of what taxpayers take on financially for Middle Eastern refugees to live in America. Continue reading →