Beer Sales Spike When Food Stamps Received


A study of food stamp recipients led to an interesting find for one group of college professors. Here is what they found:

When monthly food-stamp distributions fall on a weekend, beer sales to that population jump – by up to 7%.

When food stamp funds are distributed on Saturday or Sunday, monthly sales of beer jump as much as 51 ounces more a month among those eligible for food stamps, the study found. That could be a lot of booze: Close to 23 million households receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, widely known as food stamps, according to the latest government data.

Their research was very extensive and spanned several years.

This jump in beer-buying only appears for food-stamp-eligible households and not for the non-eligible households, according to the report titled “One More Saturday Night: Food Stamp Timing and Monthly Consumption Patterns.”

The authors analyzed data from Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel Dataset, which includes purchasing information from between 40,000 and 60,000 households in the years from 2004 to 2011. Because the households each use a scanning device, the data includes detailed information about the exact products in the consumer basket including beer and tobacco. What it doesn’t include is what’s spent at bars and restaurants.

You can read the rest of Wall Street Journal article here.

Inflation Alert: Beer Prices Spike

Back in July I wrote about beer going up on sale and regular prices. Now the complete increase has taken affect. I took this photo today at the same Meijer’s I always shop at:

Case of beer is now hitting almost $20 warm. For many months the sale price ran $16.50.

Janet Yellen has her foot on the printing presses from most recent money supply data and consumers are spending more. Watch for more price increases over the next few months.

Chicago Gets Alcohol Delivery


After raising almost $2 Million in startup money the company Minibar is now delivering alcohol to customers in Chicago.

Minibar, a startup one-hour delivery system for wine, spirits and beer, has arrived in Chicago.

Minibar says it connects users with local vendors who can deliver within an hour. Orders are placed via the company’s website,, or its mobile app (iOS and Android). Minibar also offers recommended pairings, cocktail recipes and the option to send gifts.