Consumers Are Eating 20% More Meat And Chicken

New reports are showing consumers are enjoying more protein in their diets.Winter is moving out and bbq season is moving in. This means consumers will be stampeding to the stores to satisfy their new-found love of meat, chicken and pork.

Here’s more from Smart Brief:

Chicken, beef and pork are menued at more than 90% of all restaurants, but despite already being ubiquitous throughout food service and retail, these power proteins are still holding their own on menus and growing steadily, with consumption increasing both at home and away from home. About 20% of consumers say they’re eating more beef and pork than a year ago, and a third say the same about chicken. Although beef and chicken are often thought of as center-of-plate entrée options, only a quarter of consumers’ most recent meat or poultry meal appeared in a COP application, opening opportunities around other menu parts.


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