How Many Homes in America Have Air Conditioning?

It wasn’t too long ago that not many Americans did not have an air conditioner in their homes.

While it really sucked, many made do without one but in the meantime suffered a lot of sleepless nights. Technology and demand has driven the average home now to have central air. Just how many homes in America now have air conditioning?

The Boston Globe had this answer in a write up about how to live without an air conditioner because of environmental issues. I for one do not suggest you get rid of yours because the world is basically coming online in getting them. It won’t make of a difference. But if you’re hardcore environmentalist, feel free to do so.

Since the technology was invented in 1902, and the first window unit was brought to market in 1939, air conditioners have become ubiquitous in the United States. Today, almost 90 percent of American households have one—as do the vast majority of restaurants, stores, museums, and office buildings. 

In China and India, air conditioning sales have reportedly been growing by 20 percent per year; around the world, air conditioning energy demand is projected to increase vastly over the next decades.



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