Chart: Females Surpassing Males In College Degrees 

As the manufactured outrage grows in America over “gender equality”, one area that won’t draw much protest is male decline in universities.

Here’s more from Mark J. Perry (full article here):

Based on Department of Education estimates, women will earn a disproportionate share of college degrees at every level of higher education in 2017 for the eleventh straight year (since 2007 when women first earned a majority of doctoral degrees). Overall, women in the Class of 2017 will earn 141 college degrees at all levels for every 100 men (up from 139 last year), and there will be a 659,000 college degree gap (up from 610,000 last year) in favor of women for this year’s college graduates (2.26 million total degrees for women vs. 1.6 million total degrees for men). 


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