3D Printing future may let you make your own dental braces

One college student saved himself thousands of dollars by making his own braces for his teeth using a 3D Printer.

In fact, it only cost him $60. (Whole story over at AmazingNews.org)

Amos Dudley, a 24 year old student at New Jersey Institute of Technology, decided he wanted to do something about his crooked teeth. Thanks to a little bit of ingenuity and access to a 3D printer at school, Dudley was able to print a very accurate mold of his teeth. It didn’t take much work or time according to Dudley, and from there all he had to do was make a variety of insert-able braces out of plastic. He started out just trying some dental grade plastics, and after a few attempts he had something he was willing to try out on his own teeth.

Every month or two Dudley adjusted the mold, created a new set of braces, and wore them to continue improving his teeth. He started to see results very quickly and that is when he realized he was definitely onto something. Further research showed that many of the popular “invisible” braces companies were basically doing exactly what he did. Many dentists will take a 3D scan of the patient’s mouth, send it off to be printed, and then a company will create the braces just as he did.

One Comment

  1. 3D printing is becoming very popular. I use it a lot to make prototype samples of products I am working on just to test fit and function before investing in actual metal materials. It is an industry that is just going to keep growing, and would have been wonderful to get in on at the start.



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