U.S. National Debt up $500 Billion in 2016

As Labor Day weekend kicked into high gear, so did a grim reality for our federal government debt in the terms of growth.

Sputniknews.com gave us this reminder in their write up:

Earlier this week, the US national debt hit $19.5 trillion, for the first time ever. Since January 2016, it has increased by $500 billion, according to the US Treasury.

In 2009 when Barack Obama became president the debt was $10.63 tillion. Currently, the debt ceiling has been suspended until mid-March which means the debt will rise further.

“The total national debt when Obama leaves office in January is expected to approach $20 trillion by then,” an article on Washington Examiner read.

Three months ago I outlined what our biggest growth to our debt is. You can read that article here.


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