Ted Cruz & Donald Trump get the last laugh at the 2016 GOP Convention 

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump shook up the ol guard last night at the GOP Convention….and that’s a good thing.

Just to refresh what happened:

Ted Cruz came out and gave a great speech on conservatism and what the country is facing. Towards the end, the crowd while cheering started chanting “Endorse Trump”. He didn’t. He said,  “Vote with your conscience”. The crowd of Trump supporters went nuts with boos while Trump himself stepped into the crowd from the side to wave at them. The media political pundits emotionally blew up on tv and in social media. GOP establishment old timers soiled their adult diapers denouncing Cruz.

This was all by design by Cruz and Trump and absolutely brilliant.

These conventions are designed for multiple people to come and support the Presidential candidate with grand speeches. Last night, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz decided to shake things up. Both men left the GOP Primary not liking each other. Trump knew a few days back when Cruz submitted his speech to his staff he wasn’t going to endorse openly. Trump needed Cruz at the convention because Cruz’s base (including myself) is still big within the party. Cruz is a conservative that thrives on getting the message out wherever and supports the GOP in a broad spectrum. He needed a Trump invite to the big stage for his speech to happen.

This is the “coming together” everyone preaches about in politics. Except, Trump and Cruz made this one with theatrics. Something the GOP has needed for decades.


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