Separation of “Sausage and State”

Europe culturally has been changing the past few decades. Last couple years it has been more dramatic with the onslaught of Middle Eastern muslim refugees.

Couple that with low birthrate of Europeans and high birthrate of Muslims, things are bound to change.

Here’s another example via IBTimes:

A regional branch of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU party is fighting to keep pork on the menu in public canteens, with many institutions allegedly removing the meat from menus out of concern that religious minorities could be offended.

The proposal will be presented by the CDU’s Schleswig-Holstein group in the state parliament’s session next week. The group’s parliamentary leader, Daniel Guenther, claims that pork products were being taken off the menu in schools, nurseries and canteens across the region.

“The protection of minorities – including for religious reasons – must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration,” said Guenther, as quoted by Deutsche Welle, arguing that tolerance must mean “the appreciation and sufferance of other food cultures and lifestyles.”

One Comment

  1. This will be hard for several reasons, all of which are Islamic reasons.
    1. Islam requires conquest until all the world submits to Allah, and results in world wide theocracy.

    2. Islam demands no seperation of church and state.

    3. Among Islamic prayers and memorized doctrine, this anti-Christian prayer is a preeminent one: “God is not a father, and He has no Son.”

    4. Islam is not a religion of peace, whether we examine Islam from Quranic doctrine or the history of Islam. Violence is interwoven in Islam.



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