Why Donald Trump is Leading in the Polls

I am a big Ted Cruz supporter but I’m also a realist. Even though Cruz has for many years led a fight against big government and for the constitution, he’s still seen
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Mexico’s Gun Battles Spilling into America

There is a reason you don’t see U.S. media or intellectuals who promote illegal immigration every relocate to this area on the U.S./Mexico border Continue reading →

Reality Check on the Scott County Indiana Drug/HIV Problem

InsideIndianaBusiness.com posted an article on private business wanting to help in the painkiller abuse epidemic. Scott County Indiana came up as example in how one private company wanted to help Continue reading →

Obamacare Eating Up Federal Budget

Staggering assessment by the CBO in how much Obamacare will cost taxpayers in 2016.

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How America Fell in Love with Bacon Again

Bacon is booming in America at the tune of $4 Billion year in sales. Even the butchers I go to now are offering better prices at the counter for it than the package sitting on the freezer shelf.
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Putting Hillary Clinton’s Speaking Fees into Perspective

If you want an example of what Hillary Clinton makes just for ONE speaking engagement compared to other workers yearly salaries….here ya go
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