Why College Students Love Bernie Sanders

Recently I had a friend send me this message about college students liking Democrat Presidential nominee Bernie Sanders:

“I am confounded by the youth belief in socialism”

The answer is pretty easy once people start accepting how terrible our colleges are in their teaching methods related to socialism and communism. Don’t believe me….here is the ultimate proof.

MarketWatch.com published an article “Karl Marx is the most assigned economist in college classrooms”. (Read full article here)

Below are a few snippets:

More than 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the onset of market-economy practices in China, “The Communist Manifesto” still ranks among the three most frequently assigned texts at American universities.

That’s according to data from Open Syllabus Project, which tracks books and other works assigned to students in more than 1 million syllabi.

Karl Marx’s classic receives a count of 3,189 and a score of 99.7. It doesn’t actually show up under economics texts, either, as it is generally taught along with philosophy texts such as “The Social Contract,” by Jean-Jacques Rousseau; “Leviathan,” by Thomas Hobbes; and “On Liberty,” by John Stuart Mill. “’The Communist Manifesto’” is widely taught as a work of social theory,” rather than as an economics text, Karaganis said. He added that when Marx is taught in economics classes, professors generally assign “Capital” (or “Das Kapital”), which received a count of 1,447 and a score of 94.6.

On my own after college I went the way of Austrian Economics. With that, one of my biggest economic mentors and still is to this day, Dr. Thomas Sowell. His book, Marxism: Economics and Philosophy, is a must read that dissects Karl Marx and how much of a failure he was personally along with his economic principles.




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