Is It Time to Gut Our Colleges?

Earlier this month I posted about how colleges have barely any intellectual diversity with their professors.

Now another story has me convinced that our colleges need a major overhaul. Little fixes here and there are not even debatable anymore. College needs to be serious for majors that will have an impact in society. Now it’s just an incubator of social justice drivel. I really think this needs to be done and is justifiable since the federal government is a major backer of student loans. has a story up that validates my point:

Students in the Ohio State University nursing program were required to watch a racially charged webinar that claimed police have assaulted communities for generations.

The webinar, provided to Campus Reform by a nursing student at OSU, who wished to remain anonymous, was originally produced by the American Public Health Association (APHA) in July 2015. The webinar begins by explaining various disparities between whites and minorities, including life expectancies, high school graduation rates, and poverty rates.

Camara Phyllis Jones, APHA President-Elect and adjunct associate professor at the Morehouse School of Medicine, gives many examples in the webinar of how prejudice and discrimination impacts one’s health, listing police brutality, physician disrespect, shopkeeper vigilance, waiter indifference and teacher devaluation as just a few examples.


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