Bad News: U.S. Coastal Towns will be destroyed in 2016

Some of you reading this maybe dead this year if you live on the Atlantic Ocean or around the Gulf of Mexico.

If you survive, us in the mainland will set up refugee centers and as a nation will rebuild.

If you’re wondering why I’m casting such a doomsday scenario, I’m just basing it off the NY Times article in February 1986 saying we only have 30 years left before massive flooding hits America from global warming:

A predicted rise in sea level of one foot within the next 30 to 40 years will drive much of the Atlantic and Gulf shoreline inward by a hundred feet and some of it by more than a thousand feet, according to marine geologists. The environmental and economic consequences will be felt much farther inland.

Creeping waters will destroy buildings and roads, wipe out recreational beaches, escalate flood problems many miles inland, pollute community wells with saltwater and drown coastal marshes vital to fish and birds.


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