Why the “Gun Control” Message Fails Miserably

Within minutes of the San Bernandido terrorist attack which claimed the lives of 14 people I saw my Twitter feed blow up with various MSM and Progressive bloggers with calls for more “Gun Control”.

The population of gun owners is not just diversified into many classes of culture or race, but are law abiding citizens who either just enjoy shooting or for the most part want to stay safe. With the amount of people getting background checks done right now in record breaking numbers, the “Pro Gun Control Lobby” message is failing. In fact here’s one snippet from USA Today making my point:

More Americans had their backgrounds checked purchasing guns on Black Friday than any day on record, according to data released by the FBI this week.

Here are three points of why they are failing:

God like attitudes…….
This is a damning characteristic of the anti-gun crowd. This moral preen attitude that you can just throw a command down on us gun owners and expect us to follow like servants is not working. The audience of gun owners you want to address is diverse. We are not just these hairy militant mountain men. Stats show women are a massively growing segment of gun owners.

It might serve you well to push aside your ego and actually talk with law enforcement or experienced gun owners about guns and gun laws. With recent Supreme Court rulings, gun owners are expanding their legal knowledge at a very fast pace.

Gaining knowledge is a powerful force.

Media/Political Leaders for more gun laws crowd are liars……..
If the anti-gun crowd was a patient in the emergency room, the above premise would be their fatal wound in death. The amount of lies I hear in how gun laws work in regards of “background checks” is astounding. Even when I correct these people in person they will not cede this point. Here’s some advice, cut your ties to the gun confiscation fanatics. Gun confiscation WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

Even if you’re not for gun confiscation, slogans of “Universal Background Checks” are just empty words if you don’t follow up with a detailed plan and understand legal aspects. We have this thing in America called the 4th Amendment. Politicians cannot just put something on your background without due process that could possibly hinder you.

Classic example of this I face in conversation with the UBC crowd:

Person: “Don’t you want someone with mental issues to be stopped from buying a gun during a background check”

Me: “Yes, only if we follow existing laws of getting them reported and committed. If they are that big of a threat, then we need them committed to a maximum security mental institution. Becuase if we need to ban them from getting a gun, they are still dangerous without one”

Person: “Uh, I disagree….”

The UBC crowd is under false pretense that just anything can get put on your background without due process and that is just as dangerous as outright gun confiscation. If we travel down that road, your “background check” expansion will go into all aspects of life in denying access to other liberties.

“It Takes a Village” Moral Strawman…………
Right now around in Indianapolis, people in certain neighborhoods are killing each other with guns. This is where pro gun control people/media/politicians step in as a last resort to try to solidify their position of using these crimes as a blanket to impose more restrictions on law abiding gun owners. They will get on tv and proclaim that this is “Society’s fault” and lay the premise since everyone is to blame and we must share in the burden of following more gun laws. This tactic doesn’t work anymore.

The fatalities in these neighborhoods are sad, but gun owners now are just to the point that these people need to change their ways on their own. Putting archaic and unenforcable gun laws on these neighborhoods will not change the people. Best example is here in Indianapolis, in gun crimes both victims & perps have criminal backgrounds in almost 80% of cases. Now we have Pro Gun groups lobbying for stricter gun control over everyone……are they going to go into these neighborhoods and help the police enforce? The resounding answer is “No”…..and thats what should scare people.


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