How To Find Out If Someone Died in Your Home

Clark Howard shows a website to help you find out if there was a death in your

home or one you’re looking at buying. Also provides some other searches that may come in handy. Full story here…I’ll provide a small snippet:

In most states, there’s no requirement that a real estate agent disclose to you if a death occurred at a home. But now there’s a website that addresses this problem head-on. It’s called For $12, they’ll comb through millions of records and generate a report for you that may include any or all of the following info:

    Has a death occurred?
    Who died at that house?
    When did the person die?
    What was the cause of death?
    List of names associated to the address
    Vitality status of previous residents
    Additional information about the death
    Reported meth activity, including labs, “dumpsites” or “chemical and glassware” seizures
    Reported fire incidents related to the address


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