Indiana Prisons: “We will not allow gay marriage between two inmates”


With the Supreme Court ruling in favor of same sex marriage many states will have to be looking at multiple layers of rule changes. Hoosier Econ reached out to the Indiana Department of Corrections on this issue.

The question posed was will the state prison system have to marry two gay inmates who are in the same prison.

Isaac Randolph, INDOC spokesperson, answered my request. Here is what he said.

We do not allow an offender to marry another offender.

He did go onto to say gay inmates can request to marry an outsider. An openly gay prisoner can be a security issue within a prison and any marriage application can be denied.

And If the marriage would in any way impact facility security, the request to marry may be denied. Offender marriages are conducted at the facility, so no transportation costs are impacted. The same security concerns would be present whether it was an opposite sex, or same sex, ceremony.

You can review Indiana prisons marriage policy here.


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