Early 2015 NFL Ticket Demand Weak


Sports fans call this time between the NBA Finals and start of NFL football camp the “Dead Zone”. I decided to venture over to TicketCity.com

and see how demand was for the NFL opening games(September 10th-13th). Demand is not looking good for a lot of teams. Here are cheapest tickets you can get for the games.

Most expensive games….

Giants vs Cowboys $673
Pittsburgh vs New England $283(Stubhub)
Green Bay vs Chicago $239
Ravens vs Broncos $163

Here’s the big drop off…..

Colts vs Bills $100
Vikings vs 49ers $90
Chiefs vs Texans $57
Eagles vs Falcons $44
Saints vs Cardinals $41
Dolphins vs Redskins $40
Lions vs San Diego $34
Panthers vs Jaguars $32
Cleveland vs Jets $32
Bengals vs Raiders $31
Titans vs Buccaneers $29


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