Cost To Recover Dead Illegal Immigrant Bodies in Texas

Illegals crossing the border and entering into American society is still happening even though media doesn’t talk about it. American politicians on all levels are very accepting of people coming into this country with no reprecussions. This is a real political philosophy being acted out. Here are some recent headlines in the news….

Illegal alien who has been deported numerous times kills American

California drivers license for illegal immigrants more than doubles expectations

The brings a story from Brooks County, Texas and their story of how many bodies of illegal immigrants they have cleaned up and total cost the county has asorbed doing this task.

    Martinez said many of the people who try to dodge the checkpoint don’t make it. He said more than 400 bodies have been found in the last six and a half years. “We estimate that we recover less than half of all those who perish,” he said. “From 2008 to 2014 the Brooks County has spent almost $700,000 for body recoveries.”

The financial cost is big but the human cost of finding all these bodies is astonishing to me in the sense of where Brooks County, Texas is located.

brooks county, Texas

This isn’t just right on the border where it can be brushed away as something trivial. This is 70 miles inside the United States with an expectation the body count actually being double. Along with the job of cleaning up bodies, deputies are reporting gunfire at them from Mexican drug cartels who are more aggressive.

This is all happening 70 miles INSIDE the United States…….

border dead body


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