Illegal Immigrants Getting Social Security Numbers Five Times Higher Than Expected


Back in March reported two Senators asked the Social Security Administation how many social security numbers were issued to illegal immigrants under Barack Obama’s 2012 executive amensty plan. It was believed to be around 90,000.
The Social Security administation answered with a shocking number and here is what reported:

    The Social Security Administration has told Congress that more than half a million illegal immigrants have received new Social Security numbers, under President Barack Obama’s 2012 executive action allowing younger immigrants to stay in the United States and work.

    “By the end of fiscal year 2014, we had issued approximately 541,000 original SSNs to individuals authorized to work under the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy since its inception,” she wrote.

The economic ramifications of adding these people to America’s government welfare benefits programs will be staggering and escalate the cost down the road for taxpayers. Here is one example:

    Critics of Obama’s plan have criticized the plan because low-income immigrants with no net tax liability could gain as much as $3 in Social Security benefits for every $1 they pay into the system, which means Americans will now be subsidizing these immigrants.