Neil DeGrasse Tyson TV Show Tanks in Ratings


The most brilliant man on the entire planet [sarcasm] debuted his new tv show “Star Talk” this past Monday, April 20th. So how did Neil DeGrasse Tyson do in the cable ratings? He didn’t even register in the Top 100 shows on cable TV for the entire day per TV By the Numbers.

I find this a bit funny considering whenever I meet his fanatic fan base I get lectured about how popular and smart of a guy he is. So who did the cable viewers decide to watch at the 11 p.m. hour instead of this messiah of science?

– Family Guy
– Fast n Loud
– Modern Family
– King Of Queens
– Friends
– Conan
– True Life

But don’t worry, Neil DeGrasse Tyson will redeem himself this week by interviewing militant social activist Dan Savage…… [more sarcasm]

Hybrid Car Owners Breaking Up With Mother Earth


Hybrid car owners are not feeling the love of the environment anymore and showing it with their purchasing power. I remember the hysteria a decade ago if you didn’t buy a hybrid then you didn’t love Mother Earth. had this question up on their website for viewers to answer:

    Thus far in 2015, what portion of the people who traded in a hybrid or electric car purchased another such car?

Once you answered, they provided documentation to research done by

    Car buyers are trading in hybrid and electric cars for SUVs at a higher rate than ever before, according to a new analysis from car-buying platform

    According to, about 22 percent of people who have traded in their hybrids and EVs in 2015 bought a new SUV. The number represents a sharp increase from 18.8 percent last year, and it is nearly double the rate of 11.9 percent just three years ago. Overall, only 45 percent of this year’s hybrid and EV trade-ins have gone toward the purchase of another alternative fuel vehicle, down from just over 60 percent in 2012. Never before have loyalty rates for alt-fuel vehicles fallen below 50 percent.

Edmunds also provides analysis of how long it takes financially to justify paying the price of hybrid vehicles with gas price savings:

    To underscore the point, Edmunds calculates that at the peak average national gas price of $4.67/gallon in October 2012, it would take five years to break even on the $3,770 price difference between a Toyota Camry LE Hybrid ($28,230) and a Toyota Camry LE ($24,460). At today’s national average gas price of $2.27/gallon, it would take twice as much time (10.5 years) to close the same gap.

Is California Dead?

Joel Kotkin is the RC Hobbs Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University in Orange, California. He recently just published an article at the The Dialy Beast titled, “The Big Idea: California Is So Over”. It is well worth the read from a person who has lived in California and studied the politics/culture for multiple decades. Here is one snippet-

    But ultimately the responsibility for California’s future lies with our political leadership, who need to develop the kind of typically bold approaches past generations have embraced. One step would be building new storage capacity, which Governor Jerry Brown, after opposing it for years, has begun to admit is necessary. Desalinization, widely used in the even more arid Middle East, notably Israel, has been blocked by environmental interests but could tap a virtually unlimited supply of the wet stuff, and lies close to the state’s most densely populated areas. Essentially the state could build enough desalinization facilities, and the energy plants to run them, for less money than Brown wants to spend on his high-speed choo-choo to nowhere. This piece of infrastructure is so irrelevant to the state’s needs that even many progressives, such as Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum, consider it a “ridiculous” waste of money.

You can read the entire article here.

More Proof Student Loan Debt Will Crash in the Future

Robert Wenzel over at posted two impressive charts which defy the reality of economics and shows the coming student loan debt bubble will be a hard crash when it happens. Biggest reason student debt is skyrocketing is because most student loans are financed by the federal government. Unfortunately the only ideas being floated is more government intervention.

First chart is the mega growth of student loans compared to other loans in the economy
student loans 1

Another chart he posted shows that only 29% of people paying off student debts and the principle is going down.
student loans 2

Indiana Farm Sale Blowout: $16,200 Per Acre


Via Indiana Economic Digest

Elliott Farm sells at $16,200 per acre
Elliott Farm, located near Poseyville, recently sold its 69 acres at auction for $16,200 per acre, or $1,117,800 in total.

The farm had been held by the Elliott Family since the early 1940s and was purchased by a local farmer who was represented by proxy. According to auctioneer Andrew Wilson, the price per acre is a record for this area