2017 Thanksgiving Turkey Prices Will Be Lower

Turkey supplies are up which is causing prices to drop.

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How Much of a Thanksgiving Turkey Can You Actually Eat?

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Thanksgiving Turkey Price is Rising


EconomicPolicyJournal.com is reporting inflation now hitting turkey:

In the week ending last Friday, an 8 to 16 pound hen sold at wholesale for about $1.19 a pound and a 16 to 24 pound tom sold for about $1.17 a pound. Both price are sharply higher than the $1.03 average for hens and $1.04 average for toms in 2013. Last week. the price for fresh turkey was $1.44 a pound according to the USDA.

2014 Holiday Retail Sales Projected to be Higher


Via bizjournal.com

Will 2014 be a jolly holiday for retailers?
The National Retail Federation says yes, projecting November and December U.S. retail sales to rise 4.1 percent, which would be the biggest increase in three years and would be above the 10-year average of 2.9 percent. The group is forecasting sales (not including autos, gas or restaurants) of $616.9 billion for the period this year.