How Long Does Sex Last For Couples?

A 2005 study shows how long couples have sex.

Times vary greatly as variables of life intervene. Whether you’re hurrying to perform before the kids wake up or you have a long weekend alone, the actual time of “engaging” each other is pretty steady from research.

The best study done to date on “intravaginal ejaculation latency time” was completed in 2005. Researchers had 500 couples from all over the world, over a four-week period, spice up their love life by taking a stopwatch and literally hitting “start” when the penis inserted into the vagina and “stop” when the man ejaculated. Super sexy stuff, I know.

Not surprisingly, researchers found a huge variety in the times, ranging from as low as 33 seconds to as high as 44 minutes, proving there really isn’t such a thing as a “normal” amount of time people spend in Pound Town. The median time was 5.4 minutes, which is almost a full 2.5 minutes longer than back in the 1940s when famous sex researcher Alfred Kinsey deduced that three-quarters of men finished within two minutes.

Read the rest of the write up here via, it’s pretty funny.


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