Super Bowl 52 Betting Guide & My Prediction

This Sunday will be the grand daddy of them all for football fans and also one of the biggest betting events for bettors.

Here are some stats and data to look at to properly place your wager:

New England Patriots are favored by 4.5 points currently. (In the last 16 Super Bowls, the under dog is 12-4 against the spread) Five of the last six Super Bowls have been won outright by dogs.

(Teams who score 40 or more points in an NFL playoff game are 5-25-1 ATS in their following game) Now this stat is meaningless for this game…sort of. Philadelphia scored 38 points in their last playoff game to get to the Super Bowl. Jacksonville Jaguars scored 45 points against the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2018 and covered their +7.5 point spread against the New England Patriots (24-20 loss). Still a nice line to take into consideration before making your bet.

The Philadelphia Eagles defense is good at home but very different on the road. At home, the Eagles defense only gives up 12 points a game. On the road, 24 points a game. New England’s defense only gives up 16 points a game.

Matchup: Bill Belichick vs Eagles QB Nick Foles. Foles has completed 78% of his passes in his two playoff games this year. Belichick will have a plan to shrink that number and stop the big plays.

Prediction: Earlier in the week Philadelphia Eagle players started coming down with the flu and then more were reported as the week went on. I think this is a factor. Belichick is no dummy and will have Brady in a hurry up offense to wear down the Eagles defense. (28 of the previous 51 Super Bowls have been one by 11 points or more)

New England 35

Philadelphia Eagles 10

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