The State of Ohio Just Banned Retailers From Selling Flavored Vodka And 700 Other Alcoholic Drinks

Big government in to save the day of the consumer. This story comes out of the state of Ohio.

The way it works is that the Division of Liquor Control decides which brands and types of alcohol are bought and sold in the state. The consumer is merely a cog in the machine where big business and big government meet.

Making the decision for consumers, Ohio’s Division of Liquor Control has decided that over 700 liquor brands will no longer be sold in the state. According to a spokesperson, this decision was made to “to free up shelf space for more popular products as well as new-to-market products.”

Among the more than 700 brands that will disappear from Ohio store shelves are the flavored vodkas of Absolut, Skyy, and Smirnoff. 

All 700 banned brands can be accessed here.

H/T PJ Media

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