This One Drink Will Help With Your New Year’s Day Hangover

I’m not a doctor, but I have experience in drinking.

With this experience comes knowledge and one thing that never ends is the quest for finding a hangover cure. I don’t have a cure, but rather a major suggestion based upon what my good buddy told me to drink a few years back, Pedialyte. This drink doesn’t have a great taste, but palable. Chug a big bottle of this when your done drinking and it helps a lot. I’ve done it several times and it works eliminating headaches and that dehydration feeling.

Pedialyte has a ton of potassium in it which helps in hydration. The company who makes the drink is reporting a surge in sales to battle hangovers. Since 2012, the drink has seen a 57% increase in use by adults.

So go on out and purchase some. Chug it after a long night out on New Year’s Eve and feel much better in 2018.

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