FLASHBACK: Democrats Were Open To Lower Corporate Tax Rates in 2010

The Democrat Party and its voter base freaking out over the recently passed GOP tax plan is perplexing.Not just long ago (2010) President Obama commissioned a panel to look at the federal government deficit and debt, while enacting possible tax reform. The commission was called, National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Or sometimes called Simpson-Bowles,  Read the link provided because it was a detailed plan which of course got scrapped so President Obama could spend viciously while running up our national debt.

Here is a sample of the corporate tax CUT the Democrats were looking at with no emotional meltdowns from the media or the party voters:

5. Eliminate $1.1 trillion in tax loopholes, thus increasing government revenue to 21 percent of GDP while lowering tax rates: Lower the income tax rates to 12 percent, 22 percent and 28 percent, and lower the corporate tax rate to 28 percent.

Information via TheBalance.com


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