Top 10 States Generation X Population Are Moving To

Generation X, age group between 36 – 51 & 20% of U.S. population, are up and moving.

Latest demographic stats between 2010 – 2016 have been released and show the top 10 destinations of this generation.

[Percent is growth in Gen X]

1. North Dakota (7.7%)

2. Florida (7.6%)

3. Texas (4.1%)

4. South Carolina (3.7%)

5. Colorado (3.4%)

6. Montana (3%)

7. Oregon (2.8%)

8. Washington (2.6%)

8. North Carolina (2.6%)

10. Idaho (2.4%)

Indiana saw a loss of Gen Xer’s leaving at a 1.2% rate. Illinois suffered the worst loss at 4.2%.




  1. That makes sense. This state has some of the lowest wages in the country. Gen X has been working for 30+ years, yet our wages have been stagnant since 2009. If another state is willing to pay enough to raise us out of the “working poor” class, then we should leave. Cheap housing was the only benefit to living in Indy, but that’s been going away since 2015. There is no other reason to stay here.



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