Do Western Societies Lose Freedom When Muslims Populations Grow?

HBO’s Bill Maher asked a direct culture question this past Friday on his show “Real Time”. He asked his panel the question at the 5:51 Mark of this video:

As usual the question is not answered but danced around. Honestly, I love studying demographics but find American media/pundit culture emotionally immature for this topic. Bill Maher is adored by Progressives, but when he brings up his Islam questions they usually don’t crucify him which is perfect cover for Conservative writers like myself to use in posts.

Bill Maher is not the first on this question. Mark Steyn says freedom and culture of non muslim countries starts disappearing when the Muslim population goes over 20%. Diversity by accommodation is the usual culprit. He explains in the 4 minute clip below:

The topic is rather stimulating, for a mature audience only.


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