Defense Secretary Mattis to NATO: Pay up or else

Defense Secretary Mattis delivered a verbal warning to NATO that could spell big trouble to Europe, who is slowly collapsing financially and demographically.

European nations have enjoyed many decades of using government money for social programs while the United States military have shouldered the financial burden of protecting the continent. Well that could change here very soon.

The U.S. is changing politically and is also facing serious government financial constraints as well. This move by the Trump Administration could send the European nations into a fiscal spiral since most of these governments have no room in their budgets for any military build up as their budgets are eaten up by social welfare programs and a growing migrant crisis.

Defense Secretary James N. Mattis warned NATO allies Wednesday that European defenses are at risk due to low military budgets, and said the Trump administration may scale back support for joint defense if other governments do not contribute more.

The stark warning put the 28-member alliance on notice that the White House has not backed down from Trump’s demands that other NATO members pay more for the military alliance that has been a keystone of global security for nearly 70 years.

“If your nations do not want to see America moderate its commitment to this alliance, each of your capitals need to show support for our common defense,” Mattis told a meeting of defense ministers at North Atlantic Treaty Organization headquarters.

“No longer can the American taxpayer carry a disproportionate share of the defense of Western values,” Mattis said. “Americans cannot care more for your children’s future security than you do.”

Read the rest here via Los Angeles Times


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