San Francisco May Start Seizing Elderly People’s Homes 

The title above is no joke. San Francisco is facing a demographic drought of children living in the city. San Francisco is now more geared towards younger people and the culture of the city alone is not geared for a family.

The San Francisco Examiner did a story on this topic and one crazy Marxist idea is being floated by the city planners in order to bring back families:

Nationwide, the percentage of homes with children is 29 percent. In San Francisco, it’s 18 percent — the lowest rate of any city in the U.S. 

The reports on race were also eye-opening: according to Planning Department, the population of white kids is increasing, but the white population in The City overall is decreasing. And the presence of Asian kids decreasing, but the overall Asian population is increasing.

For existing housing, this could mean a controversial push to encourage seniors — whose families have moved out, leaving them alone in big houses—into smaller units.

Based on the report, only 30 percent of houses in San Francisco with three or more bedrooms are occupied by families with children. The remaining seventy percent are occupied by seniors, couples, single people, and roommates

“When you are in public housing, your unit needs may change, and they change them for you. Obviously we won’t go that far with private property, but it’s something to think about,” said Commissioner Christine Johnson. “How can we accommodate aging in place while also catering to families?”

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