Hugo Chavez daughter keeps money in U.S. as Venezuela burns

The misunderstanding about socialism is that not all people are poor. Some still become wealthy.

Unfortunately it’s the government officials and their families. Take Venezuela for instance. Once a an industrial country about to flourish, it is now falling apart due to 20 years of massive wealth redistribution from the Hugo Chavez years. Hugo made money for himself and passed it along to his family after death. He also never let a moment slip by without denouncing the United States. Behind the scenes he had his wealth protected by moving it to the United States as his country slipped further into financial chaos.

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The net work of late socialist leader Hugo Chávez’s second-oldest daughter is estimated at $4.2 billion, making María Gabriela Chávez the richest woman in Venezuela.

The 35-year-old, whom embattled President Nicolás Maduro last year appointed an alternate ambassador to the United Nations, apparently holds most of her assets in accounts in the United States and Andorra, where they are not affected by Venezuela’s volatile economy and highly deflationary currency

“(Her) fortune is a far cry from the slogan her father used to use: ‘Being rich is back’ and is even less compatible with the socialist doctrine that (Hugo) Chávez tried to force on the oil-rich country,

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