U.S. government spending $12 Billion daily in 2016

Government spends money…..a lot of money.

The federal government is running huge deficits and the debt has exploded under President Obama. Currently the U.S. government fiscal year 2016 runs from October 2015 to September 2016.

CNSNEWS.COM posted a story showing tax revenue the government gets and how much it has spent up to April 30th of this year:

Despite collecting record revenues over the span of the first seven months of fiscal 2016, the federal government still ran a deficit of $354,592,000,000 during the period–as federal government spent $2,269,242,000,000 in those seven months.

In the matter of 184 days, the government has spent $2.26 Trillion which equates to $12.33 Billion a day.

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