2016 NFL Draft: Will the Colts protect Andrew Luck?

Colts fans should prepare themselves for the team not picking an offensive lineman for a while in the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft.

I’d be mad too since your team is about to sink $70 Million plus in guaranteed money into your quarterback which is coming off a season where his vital organs almost exploded from poor line protection. Note: I’m a big believer in building through the draft and your offensive linemen should be high draft picks if the talent is there. Old saying in the NFL, when in doubt of your first round draft selection, pick an offensive lineman.

Few stories broke today that made me think the Colts are over thinking their draft and probably going to frustrate fans with their selections.

ESPN reporter Mike Wells reported today from Florida at the NFL owners meeting that Jim Irsay wants the Colts franchise to have more stability like when Bill Polian ran the team. He even stated a 7th round draft pick from last year could be their right tackle in protecting Andrew Luck.  Yikes! Looking back at when Bill Polian was GM for the Colts from 1998 to 2011, he really didn’t do much in drafting linemen and the Colts may follow that philosophy again. Here’s a breakdown of rounds offensive linemen were selected during Bill Polian’s 14 drafts he oversaw:

First Round: 1

Second Round: 3

Third Round: 1 (player died eleven days after being drafted)

Fourth Round: 5

Fifth Round: 4

Sixth Round: 3

Seventh Round: 4

Even in the Grigson era, OL draft picks have been rounds 7, 3, 4, 2, 7. No offensive linemen were picked in 2015.

Another piece of news broke this afternoon which no one really caught onto. WalterFootball.com is reporting Colts officials were at the pro day workout of Illinois State WR/RB Marshuan Coprich and are very high on him. Seems weird to be going after another skill player considering Coprich is a projected 7th round pick in many drafts.

Finally, the Colts are looking to add youth to their defense. CB Vontae Davis recently had foot surgery. It was reported as minor but once cutting on a player starts it’s not good. The team has barely any pass rushing defensive ends which is now an amplified position of need for teams. Denver’s dominating pass rush on the edge in Super Bowl 50 is a perfect example. Meanwhile the LB core is very thin and aging. The teams first few rounds could easily be used on defense.

The Colts could draft an offensive lineman in the first round but history shows probably not. What makes this problematic is the first round of this years draft is rich with offensive linemen. Unfortunately for Andrew Luck, he’ll probably never see them.


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