Cleveland Browns fans, it’s ok to quit the team

Once again the Cleveland Browns finish with a losing season (3-13). Yet their fan base

keeps sinking millions of dollars into the catastrophe of a NFL franchise. So Browns fans, for this write up I’m going to suggest the “Q” word….

December 15, 2013 I walked out of Cleveland stadium after watching the Browns lose to the Chicago Bears and decided I had seen enough. I went to Cleveland that weekend with a bunch friends (mostly Bears fans) and partied. All of us are die hard football fans and embraced the bitter sub zero temperatures off Lake Erie as a badge of honor just so we could say “We did it”.

My loyalty to the Browns went back many years. I’ve seen it all in the sense of being just a yard and half from the Super Bowl(The Fumble) to the clown show that’s on the field today.

The two owners since the new arrival have no business even being connected with the sport. Lerner never stayed in town when he owned them and Haslam thinks it’s more of a fantasy team than real life. Haslam is guaranteed $50 Million in television contract money from the league each year and he has to produce zero. Bottom line, they don’t care because they see owning an NFL team as a tax write off than an actual cultural icon for a group of fans to be connected with.

Yes, the Browns fans are loyal but unfortunately they are now turning into the laughing stock of the NFL. I would go to events and once people found out I was a Browns fan, I’d get the stares like I was the carnival sideshow exhibit when discussing the NFL. Saying good bye isn’t easy but in the end, fans not showing up in droves is the only option left to make the Browns put effort into winning. Here is your guide in quitting the Browns….

Just enjoy the NFL……..
If you sit back and just take in the games on Sunday you’ll really enjoy the talent out there. Every week the competitiveness rivals any other professional sport.

Follow just a player…….
This is another trend I picked up on after leaving the Browns. Tons of fans who just follow a player. Most of these fans are usually linked to a QB or other skill set player, but this section of fans is growing.

Follow another team…..
If you leave the Browns you are not a bandwagon fan for switching to another team. You are more of the former battered wife finding out that not all men are evil.

Bottom line, it’s your money and time…
Other Browns fans will probably give you hell for leaving and lecture on loyalty. One question is, who in the hell would actually keep giving a multi billionaire more money to produce crap on the field? Why sit in front of a tv every Sunday for 3 hours to be miserable?

Good luck on your break up….it’s worth it in the end!

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